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Letters in a virtual mailbox

mail forwarding

Because all mail is forwarded,  rather than being collected in person,  you can hold an account at any of our six regional Mail Centres,  and your letters or parcels will still reach you at the speed of First Class post or Private Courier,  wherever you might be in the world!   PLUS   we don't charge for forwarding,  all you pay is the onward postage!

letter scanning

By far the fastest growing and most popular of our virtual address services is Scan & View.   Enjoy instant access to your letter mail via your own secure Scan Viewer,  which offers you a range of options for each letter;  save,  download to print,  delete or destroy an individual item.

uk mail centres

We currently have eight fully active regional Mail Centres around the UK,  with four more to be launched next spring.  for which licence applications are now being invited.

The Expost Mail Centre network across the UK

Click the postal address examples below to visit each Mail Centre's website or the associated Licence Prospectus

UK Mail Centre address example - Swansea, West Wales UK Mail Centre address example - Telford, Midlands UK Mailing address in Taunton, South West UK mailboxes and forwarding in Northern Ireland
UK accommodation address example - Cambridgeshire, South East Scotland regional Mail Centre London regional Mail Centre website South of England regional Mail Centre prospectus
North West Mail Centre prospectus Yorkshire Mail Centre prospectus North East Mail Centre prospectus

We realise that many people prefer an address that either reflects their place of origin  ( even though they may be on the road and constantly travelling! ),  and some business mailbox account holders may want to present a 'local' face.   Our national network of regional Mail Centres has been designed to provide just such coverage,  further detailed in the descriptions below.

south wales

Our longest established regional Mail Centre is located in the centre of Swansea,  perfectly situated to provide a generic South Wales address for customers from Cardiff,  Pembrokeshire,  Newport,  Bridgend,  Llanelli or Carmarthen.


Our Midlands regional Mail Centre is located in Telford,  providing virtual accommodation addresses to customers from Stoke in the north,  Nottingham and Derby to the east and south across the rest of the West Midlands including Birmingham,  Wolverhampton,  Dudley and Worcester.

south east

Located in Cambridgeshire,  this Centre provides a prestigious accommodation address close to London,  for customers across the capital,  the home counties,  Essex and East Anglia  including Northampton,  Bedford,  Luton and Watford,  Colchester and Romford.

south west

With a central Taunton address,  our South West regional Mail Centre provides a west country presence for customers wanting a PO Box close to Bristol and Gloucester.  Serving Swindon,  Bath and Bournemouth,  plus Plymouth,  Exeter and Torquay in Devon.

northern ireland

Providing a UK address in Northern Ireland,  this brand new Mail Centre,  serving the entire BT postcode area including Belfast and Londonderry / Derry,  is already proving an attractive option to customers from the Republic of Ireland,  perhaps as a hedge against Brexit.


The expost Scottish Mail Centre is located in Dunfermline,  north of Edinburgh,  and serves customers from Glasgow and Dundee,  to Aberdeen and the Highlands & Islands with an address north of the border.


Our latest of our regional Mail Centres to launch is in the heart of East London,  providing a virtual business or private presence for anyone seeking a prestige address in the Capital!


With exclusivity across the Southern Counties,  we are inviting enquiries for our Mail Centre South Licence.
. . .read the Licence Prospectus!

north west

Ideally located in Greater Manchester,  we are now inviting enquiries for the North West regional Mail Centre Licence,  with guaranteed exclusivity across all of Lancashire,  Merseyside and Cheshire.
. . .read the Licence Prospectus here!


Are you in Leeds,  Bradford or Sheffield?   We are now inviting enquiries for our Yorkshire Mail Centre Licence.
. . .read the Licence Prospectus here!

north east

With guaranteed exclusivity all the way from Hull,  to Berwick upon Tweed,  we are now inviting enquiries for the North East Licence,  ideally with an address location in Newcastle upon Tyne.
. . .read the Licence Prospectus now!

a private or business account?

. . .the same price, the difference is how they can be used

a private mailbox

A Private account is ideal for individuals or families wanting a mailbox for their personal post,  with each account being able to receive letters and parcels for up to five individually named Users.

a business mailbox

A Business mailbox can still receive personal mail,  but you may also include Commercial or trading names as Users.  Plus,  a 12 month account can be used as the registered address for one or more UK Companies.

visit our primary sites

Expost's current and future Mail Centres serve the towns,  cities and regions of:   glasgow - belfast - iom - liverpool - manchester - birmingham - north london - city of london - south london - highlands - west midlands - edinburgh - fife - newcastle - leeds - york - sheffield - stoke - nottingham - leicester - luton - east anglia - essex - swansea - cardiff - devon - bristol - oxford - reading - dorset - portsmouth - brighton - kent - cambridge - preston - cumbria - lancaster - gloucester - north wales - shrewsbury - lincoln - hereford - salisbury - cambridgeshire - west midlands - yorkshire - cornwall - watford - richmond - croydon - medway - teesside - londonderry